Fear Not! (or, Who Needs A Haunted House When We Live Here?)

Well here we are at the end of October. It’s the time of year for autumn leaves, apple cider, pumpkins, harvest themes, chilly air (depending where you are), Indian corn (can I still call it that?) — and Halloween. Candy, costumes, The Great Pumpkin, and Haunted Houses. I haven’t been to one this year, but I’m honestly not sure any of them can hold a spooky candle to what’s actually going on in the world.

If you still watch network news, it’s disturbing. If you follow independent news sources, it’s downright scary. Floods, fires, fireballs from space, strange lights in the sky, five feet of hail, Black plague, Ebola, earthquakes and volcanoes, solar flares, Nature seemingly gone haywire.

Government conspiracies, nuclear war, mass shootings, FEMA camps, reports of people disappearing and sudden, suspicious deaths. Poison chemicals being sprayed into the air, artificial intelligence and nanotechnology, attempts to abolish gender distinctions and even blur the lines between man and machine, genetic manipulation, pedophile rings and human trafficking.

How far down the rabbit hole shall we go? Aliens in the gov’t, reptilian races living underground, Illuminati agendas, Atlantis buried in Antarctica–or maybe God imprisoned the Fallen Ones there before the Great Flood, Black Goo, the possible return of the Nephilim (did they ever leave?), RFID and the mark of the Beast, The End Times, and a world that seems to have lost it’s collective mind, clinging to and proclaiming a seemingly infinite variety worldviews and scenarios that are a hodgepodge of literal or metaphorical interpretations of virtually every ancient writing that’s known.

Wait…where are you going? We haven’t finished the tour, you haven’t seen the really scary stuff yet!

That’s okay, I understand. It’s all too much, really. Even if you have a firm foundation, it can start your head spinning like a top, and leave you questioning whether anything you thought you knew was real. If you’re not careful, you can end up like Jim Carrey, telling people “we’re all just tetrahedrons floating around”, and none of us really exist. Which, I suppose, is one way to deal with it, if you’re rich enough that you don’t actually have to. It seems ironic to me that so many seek comfort and meaning in a myriad of theories which allow for almost any interpretation of reality and negate the idea of actual standards, or real things that actually are what they are, much less a benevolent, intelligent, and loving Creator who would naturally expect us to acknowledge those things and standards, and the evident power, love, and wisdom of the one who made everything according to those standards.

If you believe in Jesus Christ, you may be told that he’s one of the aliens who have tried to enlighten us, or he’s one of the few ascended masters who have achieved “true enlightenment” and Christ Consciousness. There are even those who say Jesus was deluded and mind-controlled by the evil demiurge Elohim, who desires to keep us all trapped like rats in a matrix illusion through religious dogmas, which is the line Lucifer hands to his top elites in the religious system that bears his name (Luciferianism). If you refuse these ideas, you may be called bigoted, narrow minded, deluded, programmed or otherwise derided.

What to do?

First, “Do not go gently into that good night. Rage, rage, against the dying of the light.” Don’t give in to the idea that the exposing of many deceptions means that all is deception. How can you be rescued from drowning if you believe the rescuing ship is a mirage? Will you avoid quicksand by refusing to believe there’s such a thing as solid ground?

Second, if you genuinely want to know who and what Jesus really is, just ask him. If you’ve met him already, you know this is possible. If you haven’t, and if you’re willing to grant me any credibility, trust me when I tell you he will respond to any honest question from a sincere heart. What have you got to lose? If he’s not alive, he won’t answer. If he is alive, as millions who’ve met him can attest, you will meet the One for whom nothing is impossible. Expect an answer!

Third, “Fear not”. This simple command occurs 365 times in the Bible, along with many exhortations to “be strong, and very courageous”. What are we not to fear? We are not to fear anything that mortal men can do. We are not to fear the world. We are not to fear disasters, plagues, or pestilence. We are not to fear armies, or weapons of war. We are not to fear persecution, disdain or ridicule. We are not to fear Satan or demons or any angels, good or bad ones. We are not to fear Nephilim giants (yep, that’s in there too). We are to fear no evil. We are not to fear life, nor death, nor angels, nor demons, nor principalities, nor powers, nor height, nor depth, nor things present, nor things to come, nor anything else in all creation.

Why? Because Jesus Christ is the first and the last. He said all power in heaven and earth belongs to him. All things, ALL things, were made by him, and for him, both visible and invisible, in heaven, earth, the sea, and under the earth. His name is above every name that is named, in this age, and the age to come. He is before all things, and in him we live, and move, and have our being.

And He loves you.


Whoever dwells in the shelter of the Most High

will rest in the shadow of the Almighty.

I will say of the Lord, “He is my refuge and my fortress,

my God, in whom I trust.”

Surely he will save you

from the fowler’s snare

and from the deadly pestilence.

He will cover you with his feathers,

and under his wings you will find refuge;

his faithfulness will be your shield and rampart.

You will not fear the terror of night,

nor the arrow that flies by day,

nor the pestilence that stalks in the darkness,

nor the plague that destroys at midday.

A thousand may fall at your side,

ten thousand at your right hand,

but it will not come near you.

You will only observe with your eyes

and see the punishment of the wicked.

If you say, “The Lord is my refuge,”

and you make the Most High your dwelling,

no harm will overtake you,

no disaster will come near your tent.

For he will command his angels concerning you

to guard you in all your ways;

they will lift you up in their hands,

so that you will not strike your foot against a stone.

You will tread on the lion and the cobra;

you will trample the great lion and the serpent.

“Because he loves me,” says the Lord, “I will rescue him;

I will protect him, for he acknowledges my name.

He will call on me, and I will answer him;

I will be with him in trouble,

I will deliver him and honor him.

With long life I will satisfy him

and show him my salvation.”

Psalm 91

New International Version (NIV)

Holy Bible, New International Version®, NIV® Copyright ©1973, 1978, 1984, 2011 by Biblica, Inc.® Used by permission. All rights reserved worldwide.


Will The Real Truth Please Stand Up

I do a lot of thinking. Too much, sometimes. Over the past year or so, many things have proven to be true that I would have previously laughed at the suggestion of, and did. I laughed at some who claimed the govt could spy on us through the tv, but that turned out to be true. I scorned the idea that the govt of my beloved country, among others, was being influenced or controlled from behind the scenes by elitists with nefarious purposes, but that seems more evident by the day. I certainly wouldn’t have imagined the mass abandonment of reason and rationality which seems to be taking place in our society. As a result, I’ve taken a second look at some of the other seemingly crazy claims and theories that are going around, and there are many. It seems increasingly difficult to be sure of what I think I know, even information I thought I had thoroughly vetted and established in my own mind.

In spite of my lifetime of learning, and my encounters with God and the things He has taught me, I still sometimes find my mind struggling with questions like, does the Bible mean what I think it means? Why is the Vatican promoting a world govt, and looking for alien life, and designing and referring to a religion that includes them, even saying that Jesus Himself might be an alien? There’s so many weird ideas out there, and that’s besides terrorists and crazy dictators with nukes, and let’s not even talk about the weather or a volcano in Yellowstone! Then of course there’s unemployment and other personal difficulties.

How do I cope? Knowledge buffers me for a while, but it can only withstand so long against the invading armies of “yeah, but…”, especially knowing that knowledge is so easily manipulated by people, or even my own mind if I’m not careful, and our senses can be so easily deceived by the ways technology can fake reality, and when I’ve come to the limits of my intellectual defenses, I feel like I’m flailing in the winds of confusion and uncertainty, which leads to fear and apprehension.

I’m ashamed that my natural tendency in these times is to cry out to God for assurance and comfort, and wonder why He doesn’t seem to answer, while I put off and patronize the still small voice that urges me to pick up my Bible and read. Instead, I entertain thoughts like, What’s that going to solve?; I know what it says, why read it again?; or I’ve got too much to do. But I eventually always do, and in the foolish pages of an old book who’s debunking and eradication has been attempted by kings, philosophers, scholars, armies, nations, and competing ideologies of all sorts for centuries, and continues today, I never fail to find God.

It has never mattered which version I’m reading. When I can’t seem to find God, or hear Him, I find Him when I look in the Book. “Draw near to God, and He will draw near to you.” How many times must I learn this? I go to His Word, and He comes to me, and speaks to me, and makes Himself known to me in amazing and wonderful ways. He gives me comfort and assurance, and peace that truly is beyond knowledge or understanding. I don’t need all the answers, just to feel His presence, and hear His kind, gentle Voice, and know that He, at least, is real and true and completely trustworthy, and that ALL things are in His powerful hand, whether aliens, or angels, or elitists, or shadow governments, or mad dictators, or deluded masses, or even the weather and volcanoes.

They’re all His, and so am I.


For I am convinced that neither death nor life, neither angels nor demons,neither the present nor the future, nor any powers,neither height nor depth, nor anything else in all creation, will be able to separate us from the love of God that is in Christ Jesus our Lord.  Romans 8:38

New International Version (NIV)Holy Bible, New International Version®, NIV® Copyright ©1973, 1978, 1984, 2011 by Biblica, Inc.® Used by permission. All rights reserved worldwide.

Bless You

May the Lord answer you when you are in distress;
may the name of the God of Jacob protect you.
May he send you help from the sanctuary
and grant you support from Zion.
May he remember all your sacrifices
and accept your burnt offerings.
May he give you the desire of your heart
and make all your plans succeed.
May we shout for joy over your victory
and lift up our banners in the name of our God.
May the Lord grant all your requests.

Psalm 20: 1-5

New International Version (NIV)
Holy Bible, New International Version®, NIV® Copyright ©1973, 1978, 1984, 2011 by Biblica, Inc.® Used by permission. All rights reserved worldwide.

The Power Of Nothing

A while back I had to write a short paper for a college writing class on the subject of my choosing, and I couldn’t think of anything to write. I searched for inspiration and came up with nothing. So I thought, since I can think of nothing to write about, I’ll write about nothing….

Have you ever thought about nothing? Have you ever said nothing? Have you ever done nothing? Have you ever seen nothing? If you have, then you may have come to recognize the power of nothing, as I have.

For instance, I have found that doing nothing can be very tiring. Whenever I am doing something, especially something that is productive in some way, I usually seem to find the energy to keep doing something. But it seems the more I do nothing, the less I actually want to do anything. Doing nothing drains my energy faster than working.

Nothing can be a powerful tool of logic. “From nothing, nothing comes” is a basic principle which implies that something must have made the universe, because nothing produces only nothing. It’s also powerful in mathematics. Multiply zero by any number, and you’ll end up with nothing.

God also uses the power of nothing. When Jesus sent out the twelve disciples, He told them to take nothing for their journey. In this way, He taught them to have faith in God, and tested the generosity of those whom they would meet.

Some people use nothing to make a living and seek power. Politicians are famous for this. They have made an art of speaking and saying nothing at the same time. One famous comedian made his living for several years from a TV show that he created and which he called “the show about nothing”.

Most everyone has seen, done, or said nothing at some point in their life, but few of us think about the many ways which nothing affects us. Nothing does not live up to its name. The power of nothing can be very influential for something as insignificant as its name suggests.





© 2017 David Robert Fuller


Just Sayin

​I don’t want to read about praying. I want to talk to God.

I don’t want to read about seeking Him. I want to know Him.

I don’t want to read about how to know God’s will. I want to know God’s will because I know God.

I don’t want to take your word for it. I would like to ask God myself. The Bible says I can. And it contains a crowd of witnesses who say He will answer.

I don’t want you to take my word for it. See for yourself. You don’t have to go anywhere or do anything. God is wherever you are, and He has all the time in the world.

I don’t want to read about what it means to know Jesus. I want to learn what it means to know Jesus.

I don’t want to ask, “What do I think Jesus would do?”. I want to ask Jesus what to do.

Incidentally, His answer frequently differs from mine.

I don’t want a religion with you. I want a relationship with Him.

And, hopefully, with you as well.

I don’t want to wonder if He’s real, any more than I wonder if you are.

I don’t want to be left in the dark. I want to see clearly.

I don’t want to be loyal because I fear punishment. I want to be loyal because I love.

I don’t want to worship. I want to adore.

I want The Rapture to happen to my heart right now.

I want to love so much, to love any more would tear me apart at the seams, but that wouldn’t stop me.

I don’t want to be filled with the Spirit. I want God to flow through me like a fountain, and get everyone else wet. Sometimes people get upset when that happens.

Love Re-Interpreted

I Corinthians 13:4-7, the famous Love passage, as seen through the lens of 1 John 4:8, “Whoever does not love does not know God, because God is love.”

God is patient, God is kind. He does not envy, He does not brag, He is not proud. He is not rude, He is not self-seeking, He is not easily angered, He keeps no record of wrongs. God does not delight in injustice, but celebrates the truth. He always protects, always believes in you, always hopes, and He never gives up on you. God never fails.



Hebrews 13:5

God Himself has said, “I will never leave you, I will never abandon you.”

In other words,

He has said, “I will never [under any circumstances] desert you [nor give you up nor leave you without support, nor will I in any degree leave you helpless], nor will I forsake or let you down or relax My hold on you [assuredly not]!”

Amplified Bible (AMP)

Copyright © 2015 by The Lockman Foundation, La Habra, CA 90631. All rights reserved.


Psalm 119:130

The fruits of another brother’s research….hope you don’t mind, bro!

Pilgrim's Light for the Path


“The opening of your words gives light, it imparts understanding to the simple.” -Psalm 119:130

פֵּתַח דְּבָרֶיךָ יָאִיר מֵבִין פְּתָיִֽים׃

This is the verse I chose to be the verse of this ministry when I first started Pilgrim’s Light Ministries. I chose it because in English it conveys the meaning of anyone can understand the Bible.  While this is true the verse has much more to say than that. What follows is a word-by-word breakdown of the verse:


Pay-tach, Pey-Tav-Chet.

The wordpeytach (פֵּתַח) means: to open. That is to open in the sense of opening a door. As such the word is also translated as entrance. Some have used unfolding as a translation and it is a good term and rather poetic, however opening seems to be the most accurate choice. In this sense it would be like unfolding a card by opening it to read the inside.

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